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In this episode of Sleep Like A Boss – The Podcast I am talking to Tyler Mounce.

Tyler Mounce received his undergraduate degree in Biblical Studies from Biola University. His first contact with Stark was as an athlete client, training for professional Australian-rules Football where he competed for a season overseas.

Upon returning, Tyler joined Stark’s internship program six years ago and quickly moved into his current role as the Global Executive Coach, spending much of his time leading Stark’s effort in coaching Southern California’s business leaders.

Tyler also teaches employees in the Stark Optimized Workforce program, focusing primarily on such topics as stress resiliency, exercise for fat loss, better performance through nutrition, how to use natural supplements to enhance or improve sleep, and improved overall health for better workplace performance.

Some wisdom nuggets heading your way


  • Tyler is an executive health coach at STARK. He was a Biblical studies major at collage, but while he was in undergrad he stared doing personal training thinking that would be a great way to pay his way through school. In between undergraduate and graduate school he decided to take a year off to work. He started working at STARK full time and it was at that point that he fell in love with the company.
  • He says that concept of STARK is innovative and one of a kind. What makes STARK unique is the collaboration that goes on behind the scenes. They have in their staff doctors, chiropractors, soft- tissue therapists, nutritionists, personal trainers and someone who is designing special training programs. In STARK all of these specialists work together in order to address the needs of their clients and come up with a fully intergraded plan.
  • According to Tyler being a personal trainer is all about the relationship you create with you client. As a trainer his job is to give his clients what they want but also what they need. When he gives them what they want, which is usually to look better, that builds trust and then he can step in with what the clients need, which is usually better sleep.
  • People are usually very surprised when they learn the importance of sleep. It looks bizarre to people that you have to work so hard at something that is seemingly so simple. Sleep deprivation affects so many systems in your body.
  • Tyler offers a great gift to our listeners- if you go to http://www.starknation.com/boss/ you will find Tyler’s article with some tips about fat loss as well as the ability to opt in to a series of emails which will give you, every couple of days, different pieces of advice that you can incorporate into developing a healthy and fit lifestyle. If you want to find out more about STARK, go to http://www.starknation.com/. You can contact Tyler via his email: tyler@starknation.com if you have any questions. Find out more on Facebook and Instagram account: Stark Irvine.
  • Tyler does work with clients internationally but that does require at least one visit in order to really be on the same page.




How to connect with him:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/starktrainingirvine/ , Instagram @StarkIrvine


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