Want to beat jetlag? There’s an app for that – Timeshifter and Montblanc Summit 2 – a review

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From November 28th to December 4th 2018, I was traveling from Luxembourg to Denver, CO and then to London, UK. During that time I have tested the Timeshifter Jet lag app on the Montblanc Summit 2 smartwatch. You can read my experience below:

Tuesday, November 27th 2018

It is 7 AM and the Timeshifter app tells me that for the next 4 hours I am supposed to have coffee. The app gives me suggestions on what I should do over the next few days. From having caffeine to avoiding it, sleeping, hitting your eyes with light, avoiding bright lights… All of that is very simply and nicely displayed through the app on my Montblanc Summit 2 smartwatch. It lays it out from the day you leave to the day you come back. About half an hour ago, I received a notification from Timeshifter, telling me that it was okay for me to drink caffeine.

And here's what the notifications looks like:

On your phone:

On the Montblanc Summit 2 smartwatch:

The Montblanc Summit 2 smartwatch gives you the option to change its interface (style & color) by simply pressing a bit longer on the watch’s face. I chose to set the Timeshifter display and set my time zone. The app will now show my travel plan for the next few days. It's called the Denver plan, or as they call it Frankfurt plan, not sure why...

The app is now displaying everything on the watch interface. It is showing me a little coffee mug and as I'm scrolling down, it's telling me what's coming up. Exciting, it's showing me what to do until what time. I find this super user friendly as it's just keeping me up to date that way and I also like the interface.

It's very, very basic; has the date and it looks like a very basic watch. I like it that way. I don't mind that it's very minimalistic. I find it's very chic.

It's 7 PM and as of 6:30 PM I was able to drink coffee, which is my regular time anyway, so super happy about that. I do have to get up at 4 AM though and until 5 AM I have to be in bright lights. I probably won’t be as happy then, but for now brilliant, brilliant toy!


Wednesday, November 28th 2018

Alright, I am at the Luxembourg Airport and I'm wearing dark sunglasses, because according to my watch, I'm not supposed to look at light or avoid bright lights, not have any caffeine and I'm also supposed to nap very shortly…

My jet lag plan in the Timeshifter app tells me the exact times that I should avoid light and nap, but since I am boarding at 8:40 AM, I will try to get some sleep on the plane. It tells me exactly that I should sleep from 8 to 9 AM, which is basically my flight. It knows when I'm on the plane, when I'm landing and when I have a layover. So, to recap: no caffeine, no lights and sleeping on the plane. After that still no caffeine and no lights…

I'll be running around with my dark over-sized sunglasses and look a little weird…. but oh well!

I didn't quite manage to go without coffee. Had a decaf (FYI: decaf still has caffeine in it, just a lot less). Now what was interesting is that I had to get up at 4 AM to hit my eyes with light. Keep in mind, my bedtime was 8 PM last night. I did go to bed at 8 PM and probably slept at 9:30 PM. I switched off lights, listened to music and drifted in and out. I think my bedtime is a lot earlier than I actually think it is.

My natural bedtime is around 9 PM, as that's when I have a natural dip. I usually just push through, so getting up at 4 AM was not that hard. I watched Netflix and turned on my screen super bright. But it was just for an hour, from 4 to 5 AM. After 5 AM I dimmed the screen and put my phone into night-time mode. I also put on my blue light blocking glasses and I will put those on later today as well.

I'm not sure if they would do the trick in terms of avoid bright lights, as it's a different kind of thing. Blue lights versus bright lights. That is a question I have for Mickey from Timeshifter!! Lights in general! I would say they are two different things, but they still work hand in hand. I hope that the sunglasses will do their job and yeah, I either look very stylish in a dark room with lights or like a total twat.

I hope it's the first one!!


I'm in the business lounge in Luxembourg and then I'm meeting my assistant in Frankfurt when we get to the next plan. So, having a nap in the plane. I will keep you posted.


Alright so we just boarded the Lufthansa flight and my watch is telling me to still avoid caffeine and to have a nap. Sleep for the next 4 hours. I am super tired…. had an early start into the day. I feel that the app suggestions are already working. I will have a nap and take it really slow. I’ll make sure to get my blue lights blocking glasses in a minute and that my eyes aren't being hit too much by the screen, when I'm going to listen or watch something. Probably I’ll listen to music so have my eyes closed anyway, and just get a good rest and probably fall asleep. I'm really tired.

So far it's working and hoping that we'll have a great flight!


It’s 6 PM local time and we arrived at our hotel in Denver, CO.

The app instructions are that I'm supposed to look at light or have my eyes be in contact with bright lights. No caffeine for the next 7 hours. But if I interpret this correctly, in an hour I'm supposed to avoid bright lights again. Early bedtime! On the plane I didn't quite manage, because for the last two hours I had a splitting headache. I had a little nap, which helped me a lot. So, I cheated a little bit, but not much! I'm excited to see how I will feel tomorrow. We have video shoots, photo shoots and I need to look my absolute bestest!

Thursday, November 29th 2018

Good morning!

It's our first morning here in Denver, CO and according to my watch, I should still be sleeping. It says I should be sleeping till 9 AM. That is not gonna happen, as we are having breakfast at 7:30 AM and are on a very tight schedule. Theoretically, I should have gone to bed at 11 PM yesterday.

We didn't manage to do that. We literally crashed at 7 PM. I did wake up around 3 or 4 AM. I just listened to music and didn't hit my eyes with light. I managed to fall back asleep and just drifted in and out and then at 6 AM we got up. I do feel fit, not tired. The challenge is obviously going to be in the afternoon, but so far so good.


I'm super excited for today. Not wearing any makeup yet. We have the video and photo shoot today. Will put the makeup on later on. It’s a beautiful day, I'm super excited and I will keep you posted how things develop.

Friday, November 30th 2018

Good morning, so we are on our second day in Denver. I think I'm totally acclimatized. I woke up around the same time, like a decent wake up time.

Yesterday I got a dip around 4:30 PM, but looking at all the other attendees, who didn't have jet lag, they were all tired as well. It was a tough, tough day! Lots going on. I think it was just fatigue. I had one last coffee around 4 PM and that was great. It really helped and with dinner some dinner drinks and then we went to bed. I really wasn't as exhausted, and I didn't have to go to bed at 6 PM because I just couldn't focus. So that was really good. So far, I'm very happy with the app.

Today we are right on schedule with waking up and having breakfast and all that stuff. We are acclimatized and it's going to be interesting as we now have to start planning on getting back and getting return acclimatized, I guess. I'm excited to see what the app has in store for us. The only thing that I have a little bit of an issue with, is the Montblanc watch. It's a bit difficult to charge.

This is how you charge it:


You have this little adapter that you attach, but you can't put your watch down flat, because you have the strap that goes all around. I still have the little watch stand that the watch came with, so it's kind of propped up. That works. A couple of days ago I thought I charged it overnight, but the connection must have gotten lost and it didn't charge at all. So that's the only thing that I don't like about it. Otherwise it's a great watch!

The app works amazing, you get the push notification, you see the little icons, super easy to use. I really like it! Thumbs up!!

Tuesday, December 4th 2018

Good morning from London!

It is Tuesday and I wanted to give you a last update.

Yesterday I had my workshop. I was up all-day seeing people, having appointments and I was not jet lagged at all! As a little reminder, I came back Sunday afternoon.

My flight to London was Monday morning at 6 AM and we got to the hotel around 11 PM London time, which is around midnight Luxembourg time. It worked perfectly. I slept really well and had no problem at all today, either.

I have to say I'm super impressed once again. For me the app worked very well in tandem with the Montblanc Summit 2 smartwatch.

On our way to get lunch here in the city and I love it! If you travel a lot and if you don't want jet lag, I highly recommend it!!  


I will talk to you very soon.


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