What does an adult sleep coach do?

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What does an adult sleep coach do?

First off, there are many services and all sleep coaches work differently. I will explain what I see most coaches do and where my team and I differ a bit.

So let’s dive into  “What does an adult sleep coach do?”

Most of the time when you go to a regular sleep coach, he or she will mainly focus on sleep hygiene.

What does that mean?

  • You will mostly be keeping track of how your sleep is
  • what has happened during the day that could have affected your sleep 
  • how you can improve all of that

How can you improve your sleep? Some coaches might work on your diet, help you improve your daily rhythm and, give you techniques on how to help with your stress. A good coach will also tell you

  • how you can organize your bedroom
  • how to implement a bedtime routine
  • show you how you can do tweaks to your life that will hopefully all add up, in the end, to help you sleep better.

Sometimes there are also clinics that work with sleep restriction, which can also help.

That is what I see done most of the time.

The people that come to Sleep Like a Boss are usually the ones that have already tried everything I mentioned. They have been to a sleep clinic and were told that everything's fine. Doctors told them that everything's fine. They have a sleep routine, they have great nutrition, they meditate, they work out, and yet, they still don't sleep.

We differ a little because we work holistically. Now, what does that mean?

We understand that the brain and the body are connected. There is a string between the two. When you are stressed, you are attacking your body physically. And if your body is under attack, hence is physically getting weak, your resilience is drastically impacted as well. An impacted resilience means that your ability to cope with stress is being lessened.

We look that everything is well in your head space as well in your body. We do that by: 

  • doing stress resilience training
  • going through all the sleep hygiene bits, including the body parts.
  • doing lab tests, as I'm a trained functional diagnostic nutritionist.

The data from these lab tests give us the full story of your body. It tells us where everything is going wrong.

We look at your hormones, but we don't do a blood test because a blood test just gives you a snapshot of what is circulating at the time. It doesn't tell us where it's going, it doesn't tell us how it is being used up by your body.

We also look at your stress levels. We look at free cortisol and metabolized cortisol, which is what pretty much no other test is doing. It's really important because it will tell us whether it is a problem with your adrenal glands or whether there's inflammation and your glands work perfectly fine. But, if your liver or your kidneys are already being attacked your stress level and your cortisol levels will show.

We look at your thyroid. I know a lot of you are already in treatment for thyroid or have been told that everything is fine. But our scope is a little different because we aim at having you being in an optimal range rather than keeping you from the emergency room. 

There's a place and time for everything, but sometimes we find that people are not quite an emergency yet, but they are still impacted. Their lifestyle and how they feel affected. We look at your sleep problems a bit differently.

Food sensitivities are also something we look at. Your diet could be super healthy, but if you're eating something that is creating inflammation, it will keep you from sleeping.

We also look at the gut. The gut is the answer to so many issues. We look at leaky guts. See how your intestinal wall is doing; whether you have inflammation. What your immune system looks like, and whether you have parasites, bacteria, or yeast; which 70% of the population do.

A lot of people come to me, and they have gut health issues. Everything is linked together.

Finally, we also run a hair tissue mineral analysis because we want to know whether you are actually absorbing your minerals.

So some of you will already be on magnesium and so forth, but maybe your body is not absorbing magnesium because there's a very complex process to all of this.

We look into all of that and when we do, we have answers! Our clients finally don't think that they are crazy anymore.

We can tell them, look at this, this and this! That is why you feel the way you do. Everything you've been telling me makes sense.

That's what we do, that's how we differ, and I'm super proud of this!

So as a quick summary of "What does an adult sleep coach do":

- Most sleep coaches mainly focus on sleep hygiene
- we at Sleep like a Boss look at:

I hope I was able to clarify the different sleep problem-solving approaches with "What does an adult sleep coach do?". If you have any further questions, let me know. If you want to have a talk with me or one of my team members, just head over to Sleep like a Boss, and go to the Sleep Like a Boss team section, where you can pick and choose who you want to work with or who you want to talk to.

We would be absolutely happy to have that conversation with you!

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