What does sleep have to do with weight gain?

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Hey everyone and welcome to today's topic on sleep, which is sleep and weight gain.

A couple of weeks ago I was on the podcast of Fit Chicks and I was interviewed by the lovely Amanda Quinn. One of the many topics that we talked about was how weight gain was affected by sleep. There are four main reasons that I want to talk about today. Reason number one is that there are two hormones affecting your hunger are affected by your sleep.

So number one, you have Ghrelin and Leptin. When you're sleeping, those two hormones are responsible to make you feel satiated. They're made to let your signal know when you are full; but they are also responsible to let your brain know when you are hungry. When you don't sleep enough, those signals are basically being disturbed. Your brain will think you are hungry much earlier than you actually are, so you will be more likely to eat when you're not hungry. The second thing is the signal that you are full is going to arrive much later. You're going to eat more until your brain realizes that you're actually full. It's really eating more quantity. So it's eating more frequently, plus a bigger quantity. Two things that are affecting your weight, because obviously the more you eat, the more weight you will gain; especially if it's unnecessary because your body didn't get the correct signals.

Number two is your blood sugar levels. If you have a zigzag blood sugar curve, meaning that if you have spikes and crashes because you eat a lot of sugary foods or high glycemic foods, which release their sugar very quickly into your bloodstream, then you are more likely to reach for something sweet or unhealthy carbs. You feel so tired, because you've had a crash and now your body wants you to push it back up. That in turn is going to bring with it another crash. You will go from crash to crash and from spike to spike. Your sleep is really helpful in regulating your blood sugar. Make sure that you eat low glycemic foods (you can find loads of on the net) and that you don't go from spike to spike, but instead have a nice evenly balanced blood sugar curve and your sleep is going to help you with that.


Number three is that when you are sleeping well, your whole body is going to function better. Your detoxification system, works better. Meaning that anything that is not supposed to be in your body and that might be weight disrupting is going to be flushed out and not stored in fat cells and the other thing is that your metabolism is working better. When you're metabolizing your fat, obviously you're going to use it for energy. It's not going to be stored. That is why sleep is so, so important as well. You want all those processes to work. You want to feel hungry when you really are and not unnecessarily. You want to eat as much as your body needs and not unnecessarily more. You don't want to be reaching for unhealthy sweets, unhealthy sugars and unhealthy carbs. Your body can help you with that when you're sleeping well. 

Number four, make sure that your detoxification and metabolization are working well, which is what sleep is helping you to do.

I hope this has been useful and I will be talking to you soon.

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