What emergency surgery at 2am taught me…

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In this post I am sharing my recent experience of having emergenc surgery and how I dealt with the tons of antibiotics given to me and how I learned from this as a practitioner in general.

Hi everyone 

So for those of you who don't know, on Tuesday I started not to feel very well. I thought it was gastritis and then on Wednesday it became even more serious and in the evening I then finally called my aunt, who is also my general practitioner. And I had initially wanted to go and see her the next day, because I really didn't want to leave the house that evening and drive up to her in order to get checked out.

But for some reason she asked me a question and I had to laugh and when I was laughing it really hurt and so she said I had to come around immediately.

And as it turns out, she checked me out and I had severe signs of appendicitis or something going wrong in my lower abdomen.

She immediately brought me to the emergency room.

And there were quite a few things over the last five days that I spent in hospital, were I thought about you guys, because, there's so much that we can do to support our body in these stressful times, that we are generally not taught or that nobody else thinks about for us, but that have huge repercussions later on our health and that can also help us a lot, to kind of protect us against the most general issues that I see when people come to me that are connected to sleep.

So, first off, I want to talk a little bit about what happened and that's my very first point actually.

The first thing that I want to talk about is how you should listen to your body and not only rely on your doctor. Do so when it's an emergency obviously, but I will tell you the story so that you can understand what I mean by that.

We will also discuss gut health and antibiotics and probiotics and I actually have exact recommendations for you. Also vitamins, minerals, gut barrier support and essential oils. They really surprised me and not in a way that you might think.

So those are the five topics that we're going to talk about.

So what happened. Basically I came with my doctor to the ER in person. It took us ages to get through, which shouldn't have happened, because obviously I was there with a professional, an MD who said this is an emergency. We were there at around 8:30PM.

The first doctor I saw in the ER was around midnight and I was immediately sent to have a scan. So it took ages, which it shouldn't have and they still thought it was appendicitis. Then around 2:00 AM they said that I was scheduled for an emergency. They opened me up and then they saw that it was not the appendix, but it was one of my ovarian tubes.

What emergency surgery at 2am taught me...

One of my ovarian tubes had become completely clogged. There was all kinds of gunk in there and they had to cut it open and everything spilled out and they had to clean everything. On top of that it also stuck to my intestine.

So it was a good thing in a way that the first initial surgeon thought it was appendicitis, because he was obviously someone specializing on intestinal surgery.

And then the second surgeon was a gynecologist. So they both operated on me. And so I only obviously got to know that when I woke back up.

And  the reason why, one of my topics is that one of the points that I wanted to talk about today is why you should listen to yourself is the following:

For years I've had severe, severe period pains. I've always been convinced it was an endometriosis, because even when I came to the ER on Wednesday, my pain was at a level six, seven.I still thought it was gastritis in a way. But when I have my periods, it's a nine. I go crazy if I don't take meds, which I don't like to do, but I have to because I don't take them. I go crazy out of pain.

One of the reasons why these things happen is because of endometriosis. On top of that, when I do have my period, my colon hurts, or my lower intestine hurts and now that I know that my ovarian tube stuck to my intestine it makes complete sense.

On top of that we had done a test to see if my ovarian tubes were clogged because we had had trouble conceiving a second child and it turned out, yes, the suspicion was definitely there.

So there were three clues that should have been warranted to look into this a little bit more.

Apparently you couldn't see anything on an ultrasound. Maybe it's true. But here again, I'm the patient. I'm telling my doctor how much I hurt. So listen to your body and when something is wrong, something is wrong for sure.

The second point is obviously because all this gunk had come into my system I was pumped with antibiotics via an IV for five days and still have to take a lot of antibiotics for the next few days.

On Sunday I was given one that I had my first ever allergic anaphylactic shock to, which I had never had in my life. . . aaand I don’t want to have one ever again.

I had a pulse of 160. I couldn't move my mouth, my neck was stiff and it was awful, awful, awful.

So my body had a lot of stress. I don't like scans. I don't like it surgery. I don’t like meds. I know how much damage it causes as a side effect.

So on my second day I told my husband to bring all my vitamins and my probiotics, because antibiotics, kill off anything that's in there and the first thing that's going to be repopulated most of the time, is very opportunistic and that's bacteria that you don't want to have in overflow.

So for me it is absolutely vital that you take a probiotic when you are on an antibiotic treatment.

Also, because my body has severely suffered over those five days, through meds, through surgery, through x-rays: vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and omega 3 and 6 were also absolutely nonnegotiable for me.

I have my Doterra 'lifelong vitality', which has all of these three things way above RDA, which is the recommended daily allowance recommendations because they are too low.

If you look at RDA recommendations, they are completely outdated and they are just in order to prevent you from being sick.

So for example, for vitamin C their daily recommendation is 60 milligrams and new research has shown it's closer to 2000 milligrams.

So Doterra's products are outstanding. They have so much in them, helping your digestion, helping your enzymes, having peptides, having antioxidants, your Omega 3s, your healthy fats and also digestive tummy blends that are all herbal and based on essential oils, it's just incredible. It's the best supplement I have ever seen.

So I've taken that. I've taken probiotics https://www.iherb.com/pr/Solgar-Advanced-Multi-Billion-Dophilus-60-Veggie-Caps/14215?rcode=QPT4112 and I'm going to actually share exactly which ones you should look out for when you were using a lot of antibiotics.

You can download the PDF on recommended probiotics here:

Why is this thing important? Well, basically if you look at probiotics, it's like looking at species, like you have humans and you have animals. So lactobacillus would be an animal for example, rhamnosus would be, a dog for example. And GG would be a Chihuahua.

So all of these strains have different functions, because it's very different whether you get a Chihuahua or whether you get a Rottweiler.

So, that is why you can see that whenever you buy an antibiotic, you have to know what kind of strains are in there, because they have different purposes. So if you just have lactobacillus rhamnosus or if you just have bifidobacterium lactis, yes you are getting a probiotic, but you don't actually know whether it suits you best.

So, the best one that I use all the time anyway, is lactobacillus rhamnosus GG.

hat have been meant to be really great for antibiotic use. And so I've just ordered some more.

I also ordered gut barrier support. Your intestinal lining, because I've been pumped with so much medication has taken a beating. And even before I had a lot of work recently, so I was stressed already. Cortisol, the stress hormone, is a catabolic hormone, which has most likely really created damage already. So I really need to take care of this now. and that is a product by Barlean’s and you can get your’s here: https://www.iherb.com/pr/Barlean-s-Intestinal-Repair-Mixed-Berry-Flavor-6-35-oz-180-g/73685?rcode=QPT4112

And then the last point that I want to talk about today is the essential oils. I told my husband to bring my sleeping mask, earplugs, toiletries, new clothes, my vitamins and my essential oil diffuser and my Doterra essential oils. And I told him to bring 'balance & elevation', which is a joyful blend and 'cheer'.

I used Elevation all of the time and it was really funny because the nurses really liked to come to my room, because it smelled so nice. So every time someone came in they had a little sniff and immediately felt better because they have such rough days.

I mean it's super busy, they have tons of work and you could just really see that in that moment they would just smile, because it's pleasant. It's simply nice to have that lovely smell around you. So that was really incredible.

So that was really just a side note, but for me it was important too, because I really noticed the difference when I didn't have it on. It is just a support. Not like someone physically holding your hand or you know, stroking your back.  But it is a support. It is incredible. So I actually left my diffuser and my two blends for the nurses at the nurse's station afterwards, because I'm truly grateful for the work that they did and for caring for me so nicely over those five days. So I left it for them as a gift.

Essential oils are truly amazing. If you want to know more about them, reach out to me and I'll teach you all about it. It once again showed me how much they can help people and how much they can improve quality of life and make people happy.

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