What to do when you have a major event the next day and can’t sleep?

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Hello from San Diego, where I am a keynote speaker at the Field Service Medical Conference and where I'll also teach a workshop.

Today’s topic is really relevant because it happened to me last night and the night before in a way.

I believe a lot of you know the feeling when you have something big coming up and the night before you're just not sleeping as well. Even though you know that you should get a good night's rest, sleeping becomes so much harder, because you're too excited or maybe even a little bit anxious.

For me it's when I have to get up early to catch a plane. On Sunday I had to get up at 4 AM my time, because I had a 6 AM plane to catch and I always get a little bit nervous. What if I miss it!?! I set two alarms and then there's all this stuff that I know logically won’t happen, but...

So, the way that I deal with this, is that I really prep in advance:.

The day before I try to take a nap, to rest, and I avoid being fully booked. Like that I know, that even if I don't sleep as well, I'll still be fine the next day.

It wasn't really tragic this time around because I obviously had to take a plane and I was in the plane for more than 12 hours. But that is one thing that reassures me. The other thing is that today (Monday), I have my keynote and I am nervous. Even though I'm used to teaching and public speaking, it's still something that is nerve wracking for me, especially this time. I'm here not because I have anything to do with field service; but I'm here because the organizers thought that this is the perfect crowd for me, since there are lots of highly stressed CEOs here and I'm kind of a surprise guest. All the other speakers talk about logistics, customer service and that kind of things and I'm here talking about sleep. The attendees didn't come to see me, which is very different from what I usually do. So, it’s a little bit more nerve wracking than usually.


Yesterday, I went to bed super early (4 PM local time) and just because I knew I could prep, but I was so tired, and I knew that my brain wasn't soaking up any information anyway. I decided to go to bed very early and got up early, what would be normal for my time, so I got up around 4 AM. I couldn't sleep anyway. I rested a lot, meditated and took everything really easy and having that time buffer really helped me, because I didn't sleep too well, but I had enough time.

I would really advise you to do the same, if you are in a similar situation. Liberate your schedule, be unapologetic when you go to sleep, when you have a rest or when you have a nap and take advantage of that! It's going to put your mind at ease and it's going to make you perform better and everything is going to be much easier.

I hope you have a wonderful day! I'm enjoying the sun, as it is miserable at home: it's cold and wet... Here it's super nice and warm!

Sending you much love and lots of greetings from San Diego and I'll talk to you next week.

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