Why dreams are important

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Dreams. Why are they so important for you in your general life, in your career, with your family, with your loved ones, with everything pretty much? 

Let me quickly introduce you to the concept of Sleep Like a Boss. Sleep is tricky. It is complex. Sleep is not just in our heads. It's not just metaphysical, meaning above the physical. It is metaphysical and physical. It is chemistry. It is neurology. It is your organs. It is your psyche. At Sleep Like a Boss it is our job to see, where we can help your body regain that balance again. Where have things gone wrong? Inside your body, or do we have to focus more on the mind, or is it both? 90% of the time, it is a combination of both

When we work with our clients, we look at lifestyle, we look at nutrition, and we run five lab tests to make sure that we don't miss anything. To find out more about the Sleep like a Boss method, please read this blog post where we explain the different lab tests in detail.

Now you probably wonder how do dreams fit into this? What if I don't dream?

Why are dreams important?

Your dreams are a playground for your consciousness. When we have a busy day, (hello, daily life!), we compartmentalize. Especially when we encounter things that we don't like:

  • something that upsets us
  • something that we don't understand
  • something that makes us angry, sad, or annoys us

and then we just put it into one of these drawers, and we try not to think about it. But, during nighttime, when we have our REM sleep (in our dreams), our brain fires all those thoughts out there so that we can make sense of it and digest it. It is really important for us psychologically, because it helps us with those feelings and cognitively because it helps us with problem-solving. 

why are dreams important

A lot of people who have been inventors, or researchers, have actually found the answer to an unsolved question in their dream, and it's because it's uncensored. It's a playground. It doesn't matter when something happened or where. Your brain weaves it into stories so that we can make sense of it. 

Now, when we don't get that time, we are much less resilient. It means that we deal much worse with things that we don't understand or that upset us. We don't have that playground time! 

  • it makes us moodier
  • it makes us upset
  • and if you have a tendency towards a mental health issue like depression or anxiety, it can push it much quicker towards a full out breakout of those.

So it is really important to have that time to dream. A lot of people ask me, "But what if I don't dream?" Don’t worry, you do. The difference is that some of us remember our dreams more vividly than others. A lot of that has to do with when you wake up. 

You have different sleep phases and one phase is being awake. 

Deep sleep is quite far away from being awake. So you will have a big gap between deep sleep and being awake. Light sleep is fairly close to being awake. REM sleep is somewhere in the middle. 

If you have REM sleep (your dreams), and then a short light sleep phase and you wake up, that gap is fairly short, and you will remember. If you had a long light sleep phase, then that gap is further, and you tend not to remember what you've dreamt. But you did dream.

I hope you learned a thing or two from why are dreams important. Hopefully, it has helped you to prioritize sleep so that you can be sane, creative, and that you can find the solutions to your logistics problems. If you need help with that, then please get in touch. For more interesting sleep information visit our blog.

We will never think that not sleeping is normal.
Because we know that if you don't sleep, something is not working! 

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