Why Inconsistency = Better Sleep

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Welcome to this week's lesson on INCONSISTENCY!

So, I have been absent for two weeks and guess what, the world is still spinning, even though had you asked me a week ago, I wouldn’t have been so sure...

Last week I felt terrible, because I hadn't done a LIVE UPDATE and it's been the first time in a year that I haven't been consistent in that. So instead of being actually proud for being that consistent, I started blaming myself; but here's what I learned from this and why it is so important for all of us, especially those of us who are ambitious, who have timelines, who have goals, who want to work for something and who just have this fire in us.

I was traveling for two weeks. Denver, London and then moved house. A lot has happened and last week I just crashed. I was done. THERE WAS NO ENERGY LEFT IN ME. I felt terrible, because I really promised myself to be super consistent and I just couldn't. I physically couldn't make myself do it. I started thinking of what I'm preaching: when I see things go wrong, whether it is sleep-wise or anything else, it is because we push ourselves too far and our body does it, but it comes at an expense.

Today I want to talk to you about what is happening when we do that, and why deciding not to do something, is actually NOT SLOPPY and it's NOT SELF PRESERVATION. It's NOT ENTITLEMENT. It's NOT SELFISHNESS; but it's SMART!

A little bit of a humble brag for myself here, too! Let me explain very quickly what happens:

Whenever we push ourselves, we push our body and we pump out a hormone called CORTISOL. Cortisol is our natural stress hormone. It's great! It makes us faster, breath better, see better, smell better, be stronger and it's designed to help us in emergency situations. Yet, we kind of misuse it, because it also makes us feel like ADRENALINE does. It makes us feel good to a certain extent. It's what makes us push further, when we think we can't go any further. Sometimes we are superhumans, especially when we take advantage of that secret power: CORTISOL and that's when we are (sometimes) surprised on how far we can go. Yet, what we need to know, is that it is a CATABOLIC HORMONE, meaning it actually DESTROYS things when it's used over a prolonged period of time and some people are more sensitive to it than others. Some people will have 10 years of decades and decades of a cortisol flow, propelling them into another orbit and they can go for a long, long time. Where as other people will just have a week of intense stress and feel like they are crashing.


I find myself somewhere in the middle. My cortisol levels are definitely always a bit high. I try to balance them out by having walks, exercising and taking my time to just switch off. Recently, with all the traveling, work, public speaking and my private life, my cortisol levels have been running high and they've been helpful.  THEY'VE GIVEN ME MY SUPERPOWERS TO DO ALL OF THAT. At the same time, last week, I felt that I could keep on going and push myself to produce more and it would have been fine; or I could just let myself crash and do nothing. And that's what I decided to do; because I knew, if I pushed myself, it would burn this hole into my whole system. It would start to IMBALANCE MY HORMONES. It would start to have other consequences and I didn’t want that for my body. We're here only once and our body’s just a vessel. We have to take good care of it and so for people, who are very sensitive to sleep issues or have sleep imbalances, this is where things go out of the window.

When you have a cortisol imbalances, your body recalibrates in order to account for it and will recalibrate other hormones. It will affect your thyroid. It will affect your steroid hormones: testosterone, progesterone and estrogen. It will start to affect your intestines, where you have little filter systems in your intestinal lining, helping you to absorb things. They help you filter things and those are being destroyed through cortisol levels.

It's literally like this little fire burning things to the ground; and when you're conscious of that, it really helps to pull the EMERGENCY BREAK. That's what I did. I didn’t work. I slept - LIKE A BOSS. A whole lot. And guess what; clients still came in. Amazing opportunities have still come in. I have so many ideas now, because I let myself become creative again.

HAVE THAT BREAK. What I want you to understand is that sometimes, it definitely isn't laziness or sloppiness. A BREAK HELPS YOUR BRAIN BE FLUSHED OUT. Liberate it from those toxins, so that you can have creative thinking mechanisms, in order to be faster again and for you to enjoy doing things again. See connections where you didn't see them before. Your sleep will definitely improve when you allow yourself to heal and deny that cortisol to braze everything off.

That's my lesson learned from my own viciousness. I am very easily called into a vortex of not self destruction per se, but of pushing myself a little bit too far. Over the last year, I just started to listen and say, I WILL TAKE A BREAK NOW. I WILL SLOW DOWN. I've learned that amazing things happen when I do that and that the world keeps on spinning.

I'm really looking forward to hear from you. How you push yourselves. What are typical situations when you know that you have this mysterious superpower? What does it feel like?

You should also know, sometimes when you reverse engineer your cortisol levels, when you work on lowering those levels to a healthy balance, you will go from that constant buzz to being a little bit more tired. It's not necessarily a negative tiredness, it's just less buzzing.

I have a client at the moment,  who's going through that and as we are eliminating inflammations in her body (I'm will talk more about that in a different post), she is reporting that she feels different. She thinks it's tiredness, but it's not; it's calmness. Something's different and that’s because her cortisol levels are recalibrating into the normal range; instead of being on that frequent high, where it's detrimental to your health. Knowing these things, helps you look at your body a differently. It helps you to make smarter decisions in terms of long term vision. Who cares if I didn't make a video/ blog post last Monday!?! Most of you probably didn't even notice!

With that, I wish you a wonderful start of the week. Listen to your body. Take that break if you need it. If you have that super energy, use it as long as you can. If you start to get sick of it (you feel like it's a negative buzz), it's a very clear sign that it's starting to break things down. That's just my little insight here… I hope it's been helpful. Let me know if you have any questions on how you can regulate your cortisol. I’d love to share my favorite tips and strategies.

I'll talk to you soon. Bye!

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