Why voice memos are my secret weapon

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"Why voice memos are my secret weapon" is all about how I use voice memos.

Now, if you've been following me for a while, you know what I am like and you know that I'm notoriously lazy and disorganized!

That is why I love voice memos. They've changed my life since I've started using them. Every phone has a voice memo app and here's what I use them for:

  • After client sessions. So, when I have my client with me and I explained this in an earlier blog post, I take notes in PDF reader and I underline what their implementation steps are. After the session, I just take out my phone and I record those. I will say, "Hey, I hope you liked your session today. This is what we talked about...." I then take that voice memo and email it to them and that's it. I don't have to sit down, open a document and type everything down. It takes me literally two minutes, and I am done.

  • When I work with journalists. Usually what I do is when someone pitches me questions, asking for my expert opinion, I don't have time, to sit down and write. I usually ask them if it is okay to send a voice memo. Most of them are totally fine with it because it would be the same as if they wrote an interview, for example. If they do ask me to write it down, I still use voice memos. But, I will send it to temi.com, and I have it transcribed. I then just edit that transcript. It is much faster than if I had to write it down, because making myself sit down and write something… it's just hard for me! So, I prefer to do it this way.


So, these were just a couple of ways how I use voice memos and why voice memos are my secret weapon.

Let me know if it’s something you do as well, how you use them or if you are intrigued to try it out too! Also for more business tips, check out my business blog.

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