Why you aren’t charging enough

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Be honest, how often have you wondered, "why you aren't charging enough?"

Today we are going to talk about the big challenges to upgrade to new pricing. Now, spoiler alert, the answer is you. One of the things that I see over and over again is that service providers do not charge appropriately. And there are three reasons for this. 

Your Fees

One reason is that they start writing down how many hours they will work on a certain client.

  • How long it will take them to establish recommendations?
  • They look at what they think a high hourly price is and add a little profit

That's how they pretty much evaluate their pricing. The problem with that is that if you charge hourly, it's not accurate unless you do something hands-on like cutting hair or giving a massage. If you are a health provider like me, I'm not charging per hour, but rather per service/ per result. I can deliver that result because I have an education that has taken me years and a lot of money to get. I can be on a call with someone and recognize right away where the issues are, go through their protocols and make those recommendations, understand the lab results that we are doing.

I'm charging for that, what it has cost me to get that down and to be very efficient in that. So it's a whole different ball game.

When we've established what our service is worth, then we sabotage ourselves by, sadly kind of protecting ourselves from disappointment. Most of the time, we connect a negative outcome with something positive, which is totally absurd.

Let's say you're launching something or you're offering a brand-new service. Subconsciously, you very often protect yourself from failure by saying, if I fail and I'm prepared for it, I won't be as disappointed as if I put my whole hopes into this and my whole energy and then it doesn't work. Because if it doesn't work, my disappointment will be so crushing that I don't know how I will recuperate. 

When we do that, when we keep ourselves from investing ourselves fully, that's when we get stuck.

  • It's when we don't market as much anymore
  • It's when we don't create content
  • It's when we start getting obsessed with our website and don't publish it because it's not perfect.

We always have an excuse. And when we do start marketing or launching, we only do it half heartedly because we don't wanna get too invested because what if we fail? That fear of disappointment is very real, and it's anchored in fears and in promises that we made or in just a promise towards ourselves. I'm going to show my parents that I can make this; I wanna show everyone that leaving my job to do this was worth it; I'm going to show everyone that I'm smart and that I can make a lot of money. You don't wanna fail because if you do, it means they were right. Those are some thoughts that we have and that keep us from producing and from showing up.

Why you aren't charging enough

For me, it's really important to point that out and then advise all of you to investigate it. What are you protecting yourselves from? What is that failure? Why do you prefer expecting failure rather than completely investing yourself into something? Fear is the number one saboteur I see all the time and it's connecting positive to failure even though we rationally know that it's ridiculous.

Your Set Point

We all have a certain set point. I always recommend Margaret Lynch's "Tapping Into Wealth". It's an amazing book, and she talks about a set point which is a number that we have subconsciously in our head and going beyond that means doom and gloom. It's really weird. It might be 20,000, it might be 50,000, it might be 100,000, it might be a million. We all have a set point and when we cross it, we sabotage ourselves to go below it again because subconsciously, we connect it with something negative. Once I reach that number, if I go higher, then something negative will happen, the other shoe will drop, I'm provoking fate. Interestingly, you only notice it when you actually track your numbers and all of a sudden you get that fear and you stop producing.

For me, I know it's 30,000 for some reason. Every time I reach 30,000 that's when I go into shutdown mode. I stop showing up. I stop creating or producing. 30,000 is not a high number. I've made a lot more in my business, but it always took me to reach out to someone to help me get out of that. Now I know. Now I realize when I sabotage myself. Sometimes I know precisely why, and sometimes I need help. That's what my coaches are for.

Get a Coach

With the help of my friend and coach Relinde Moors, I was able to figure out my set point. My comfort zone. With Relinde's help, I was able to get out of there. I can only recommend her. She has a very particular approach, different to other coaches out there.

It is pretty much impossible to do all of this on your own. Make sure that you can talk to someone and tell them to call you on your bullshit!

For more business tips, such as  Why aren't you charging enough, please go check out our business section on Sleep Like A Boss.

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