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You have reached a point where sleep is ruining your life instead of making it better.

You have started to drop the ball at work, isolate yourself because your friends don't get it, leave social events early because you are obsessed with your bedtime . . . and you need this to stop!

You want and need the help of a professional who delivers.

Someone who has been trusted by publications such as The Guardian, The Independent, Forbes and many more to guide their readers.

Someone who ALWAYS gets results for her clients because she looks at the whole picture and not just one fragment.

Someone who doesn't judge yet isn't afraid to show you your blindspots.

I was able to finally have a good night’s rest from day one!


Tiane Tuliao




Here are some options on what I offer:


A bespoke coaching experience, including:

-  Hormone Testing

- Thyroid Testing

- Gut Health Testing

- Food Sensitivity Testing

- an in depth interpretation of your results in a way you actually understand what they mean

- a bespoke protocol to clean up any messes detected by the test taken

- a vitamin and mineral deficiency assessment

- food sensitivity consulting

- mindset and stress management

Read below on how to be considered for a  spot.


Get all the education you need and the system Christine implements with her clients and follow her roadmap.

CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE MASTERCLASS SERIES providing you with everything you need.


You want results fast, hassle free and long term.

Then the 1 day VIP Experience is for you.

Christine will handle all the prep work in advance so that when your day is coming up you will get all the info, protocols and your unique roadmap in one place and in one day versus a few months.

This is for those of you who are not afraid to invest in order to get a fast, red carpet service taking all the hassle of regular sessions out of the equation.

Read below on how to be considered for a VIP spot.

*Christine is only working with a handful of private clients at a time and always designs a bespoke programme for them depending on their case and history. Some might need more testing done and some might already have a huge amount of pre-work ready. So don't look for a regular pricing menu because it does not exist.

If you are looking for a quick, cheap fix then this isn't for you.

Christine is only working with motivated people, who respect their body and themselves and who are willing to invest in their lives as they understand that not sleeping is affecting every single aspect of every second of their existence.


- if you are ready to wake up feeling great in the morning

- if you are ready to turn your life around and get healthy again (because don't kid yourself, not sleeping = not being healthy)

- if you are scared about the symptoms your body is signalling to you out of distress due to a lack of sleep

- if you want the best, bespoke and unique service (yes, unique because there is literally no one in the whole world working the way Christine does)

 . . . then fill in the form below and book your initial preliminary session to be considered for a VIP coaching spot. 



Before working with Christine, I struggled with my sleep for six years. I felt like a zombie on a day-to-day basis, slogging through my work and everything I did. Even on the nights where I did sleep, I never awoke feeling truly refreshed and energized. Christine helped me see that I wasn't an insomniac and I didn't have sleep apnea--I was simply stuck in an anxiety loop where I wasn't sleeping because I was so stressed about not sleeping.

Christine showed me how to get a handle on my anxiety and create a bedtime routine that really worked. After working with her for three months, I'm sleeping better than ever. I've gone from having several bad nights of sleep throughout the week to only having one or two bad nights a month. I am forever grateful for her coaching. Thank you, Christine!

Abigail Libers, journalist

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes working with Christine different from working with a health coach or traditional practitioner?

Christine is the only sleep expert in the world who is truly working in a holistic manner. Sleep is not a stand-alone issue. It is connected to many different areas in your body and your headspace. Christine has been trained by the best in all of those areas and has developed her own unique system that gets results for her clients every, single time.

How many coaching sessions do I need?

This is very individual. Apart from the 1 Day VIP Experience (which is 1 day) the length depends on how long issues have been present, on what has been done before and individual history. However, in general Christine doesn't need more than 5 sessions to get results.

How long will my results last?

Christine will educate you on every step so that you will be able to interpret what your body is telling you and re-calibrate your health on your own if it should get out of balance again. This is truly empowering and it won't just help you but you can apply your knowledge to your loved ones as well forever.

Do I have to talk about my emotions? I'm not really talker.

Christine will always present you with different stress management techniques. She knows that not everyone is keen on meditating or talking it out so she has an arsenal of techniques that you can do on your own and share what you found out later on if you want to but don't have to, that is completely up to you. She is holding space, is being honest but will never intrude.

So what happens in a session?

In general a session is split in 2 parts. One part is the scientific geeky part where we will focus on your body, test results and protocols and the other part focuses on "you", what's been going on in your life, the thoughts that are keeping you from sleeping and how you can prevent that from happening.

How do I know whether Christine is qualified for this?

Christine is smart, very intuitive when it comes to her clients, kind and has always been an avid learner and has an amazing academic track record with a Bachelor and Masters degree from top British Universities. She is still constantly widening her knowledge. You can see some of her accomplishments below.

She is also a trusted source and consultant for reputable media publications and Fortune 500 companies.

Christine Hansen Education
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