Get your MOJO back (and your career

superpowers) - by getting a damn good

night's sleep EVERY NIGHT

Get your MOJO back (and your career

superpowers) - by getting a damn good

night's sleep EVERY NIGHT

You’re made for more than forgetting where you parked your car, yawning into your bosses face (OOPS!)...

... and ping ponging between Red Bull, Coffee and slipping bills - BECAUSE YOU’RE SO TIRED!!!


And here’s how we make that happen:

I’m Christine Hansen, and I bet everybody has told you about improving sleeping habit (and blue light - eye roll no f*** way you’re going to give up watching TV at night?!)...

… but I believe your sleeping problem is a lil’ more
complex than that (otherwise you’d have figured it out by now, you being a smart person an all).

That’s why my packages are HIGHLY CUSTOMIZED -
so I can help you take full control of your sleep. Easy
peasy once you know what to do.

Romain G.

Christine's style is uncomplicated, she is there for you, honest and you can trust her. She combines psychology as well as science and nutrition. I can absolutely recommend her and already have to colleagues of mine.

Marta Hughes

Dear Christine, Before the end is over, I wanted to write to you to say a very big thank you from me... the last few years have been an absolute rollercoaster and many times I wondered if I were ever able to finally hit the brakes and feel more in control. I'm so grateful to have found you and to have had you with me on this journey. For the first time in a very long time, I'm starting to feel like myself (or should I even dare to say a better and wiser version of myself) and, best of all, enjoy the first Christmas during which I've actually lost weight (a welcome positive side effect)! Now I can look towards the new year with hope and renewed energy...

Alexandra L.

I have had drastic reduction of sleepless nights very quickly and have more energy and am much more efficient at work.

Here’s how I can get you
to sleep 8 hours a night consistently - within DAYS


In this 3-month Experience, you’ll discover the culprit of your sleeping problem (lab tests included!) - and get the bi-weekly calls you need to solve it. If you prefer direct support to an expert over an extended period of time - this is for YOU! 


Don’t have time to fix your sleeping problem. You just want it gone. This one-day experience is your solution. Get everything you need to solve your sleeping problem within a few value-packed hours with me.

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