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Today’s Guest:

Yanran Carpenter helps millennials making important decisions in their career and business with confidence and ease.

She is no ordinary career advisor. Oh no. When you work with her you go digging to find out what really makes you tick & will fulfil you for years to come.

On Sleep Like A Boss – The Podcast she is sharing her journey from wanting to become a model to becoming the creator of Yanran’s Career Coaching

Find out why her family had to send out a search party looking for her and why that is now crucial for her helping others.

Sleep Like A Boss The Podcast by Christine Hansen Yanran Carpenter


How we connected

I reached out to Yanran because I was one of her first guests on her amazing podcast the Career Coaching Lab. You can listen to the episode here and I knew that she has an amazing story to tell.

I did not get disappointed …


Some wisdom nuggets heading your way

  • What you know is not necessarily what should guide your career choice.
  • Why you need to know how to deal with your weaknesses in order to make money.
  • Why loving something isn’t always enough for it to be a great career.

We’ll cover all of that & more


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A Free Gift for You!

Check out Yanran’s website Yanran Career Coaching to get a free audiotraining & workbook to help you getting started for your dream career PLUS you can book a free session with her via her website

Learn more about guest

Yanran is a down-to-earth career coach who teaches millennials how to make hard decisions in their career and businesses with confidence and live a regret-free life. Also the founder of YanranCareerLab podcast, which helps people overcome the self-doubts and the rejections from others.


Email her: yanran|at|yanrancareercoaching.com


One Question for You to Answer Right Now:

Were you aware of all the aspects your career entailed?
Answer in the comments below.


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