Sugar Sleep Saboteur

 Unveil the foods with high amounts of hidden sugar, ruining your snooze!   Sugar is the real culprit.   For many years people have been led to believe that saturated fat is the main [...]

Does Money Keep You Up At Night?

It’s 10pm and you are all ready to go to bed. You lie down in bed, hoping to fall asleep instantly. Your partner does. But instead of going to sleep, your mind just starts racing with all [...]

How To Sleep Like A Boss feat.

I am thrilled to be featured in Caitlin Horton’s blog this week! I am dishing out lots of handy dandy snoozing tips and we get to the bottom of how to simply Sleep Like A Boss Check it out [...]

Christine Hansen on Join Up Dots

I am thrilled to share this hilarious and amazing interview with you that I did with David Ralph by Join up Dots. We go into how my past and connecting those dots is helping me right now to shape [...]

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