...who want to sleep but can't

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Sleeping Can Be Easy. I'll Show You How.

I'm Christine Hansen and it is my passion to transform your sleep so that YOU can wake up feeling like a boss:

- Running on coffee and yet still having massive brain fog? 

Consider it a thing of the past.

- Dinged your car in the parking lot 'cause you were too tired to focus 

-->Yah! Good luck explaining that one . . .Let's not do that anymore shall we?

Snapped at your team like a highschool diva because you're too tired to control your temper

- - > There goes your leadership training down the toilet. Time to change that!

Found yourself lying in bed listening to the sound of a hairdryer that's supposed to make you feel calm (and wondering how on earth you got there?) 

--> Yep! I get it! Let's get to the root cause of our sleep issues presto pronto!


When we started out it was awful. I would only sleep 2-4 hours and be wide awake again. It was torture. You're tired all day long and yet can't sleep long enough.

Now I am sleeping 7 hours a night without a glitch.

Christine didn't waste any time. She did a range of lab tests and immediately changed my nutrition and results were imminent. My problems were solved straight away and everyone should try working with her. A lot of practitioners don't have the time to go into such depth.

Marc G.

"Christine offers a holistic, sustainable approach to fixing your sleep problems once and for all! If you want to feel well-rested and energized each day, Christine can help!"

Selena Soo - Creator of Impacting Millions

"Christine is an approachable, knowledgable expert on sleep and it's been a pleasure to work with her on several articles. When it comes to getting some rest, she knows what she's talking about."

Kate Leaver - Journalist - The Guardian

It's probably 3o'clock in the middle of the night as you are reading this so why don't you start with my posts below:

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Want a quick fix and have fun? Even with a sleep deprived brain???

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