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Fact: Your sleep is a disaster.

Ergo your mind, body and life are a disaster. And you know I am not exaggerating. That is why it is my mission to find out why you are in such a nightmare state (pun intended) and bring you back to the world of the well-rested people.


I'm Christine Hansen. Sleep Expert to CEOs, executives and successful entrepreneurs who want to sleep but can't.


"Christine offers a holistic, sustainable approach to fixing your sleep problems once and for all! If you want to feel well-rested and energized each day, Christine can help!"

Selena Soo - Creator of Impacting Millions

"Christine is an approachable, knowledgable expert on sleep and it's been a pleasure to work with her on several articles. When it comes to getting some rest, she knows what she's talking about."

Kate Leaver - Journalist - The Guardian

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