It’s time to throw out the pills, the 

“nighty night tea”, sleep trackers that don’t

work and your belief sucky sleep is just “the

way things are”....  

...because I can help you fix this.

Well, hi there. 

I’m Christine Hansen, AKA The Sleep Boss.

And I help high-achievers like you (the CEO’s, top

performing entrepreneurs and athletes of this world) sleep

a minimum of 7 hours straight within weeks (sometimes

even days). 

Romain G.

Christine's style is uncomplicated, she is there for you, honest and you can trust her. She combines psychology as well as science and nutrition. I can absolutely recommend her and already have to colleagues of mine.

Marta Hughes

For the first time in a very long time, I'm starting to feel like myself and, best of all, enjoy the first Christmas during which I've actually lost weight (a welcome positive side effect)! Now I can look towards the new year with hope and renewed energy...

Marc G.

My problems were solved straight away and everyone should try working with her. A lot of practitioners don't have the time to go into such depth.

Your big problem?

You’re really good at solving
problems. That’s what people pay
you the big bucks for.

(whether it’s in a complex financial analysis, finding the magical algorithm

to Facebook Ads or your body's sweet spot for its best performance)

But . . . trying to solve your sleep problem ain’t your

boathouse (right? Right! Otherwise you’d be sleeping just

fine by now). So, how about outsourcing what’s not in your

zone of genius? Perhaps if you did . . .

. . . your expensive, sucking-the-life-out-o’-ya sleeping

problem (did you know, bad sleep makes you perform 5% faster and 9% more

accurately?) would be solved quicker than you can say [insert

name of sleeping pills you’re currently swallowing]. 

Alexandra L.
Zobia Alvi

I have had drastic reduction of sleepless nights very quickly and have more energy and am much more efficient at work.

Christine is by far the best coach I have ever had!

"Before meeting Christine, I had no idea what a sleep coach was or why anyone would discuss something so personal like their sleeping patterns with someone. Through our session, I was surprised to see how AMAZINGLY helpful having a sleep coach is and how easy it was to talk about sleep with Christine. Christine is by far the best coach I have ever had! She has a way of making you feel comfortable and as if you're speaking to an old friend. If you're not sleeping like a boss, Christine will show you how!"

Done foolin’ around trying to DIY 

your way to good sleep?

...won’t happen, babe, even if you download 

3 more “meditations for restful nights” (yeah, right).


Don’t be the CEO who wakes up in the morning.

Wondering why he’s naked with a peanut butter jar in his hands. 

Realizing he raided the kitchen like a racoon. After giving 

into sleeping pills that make you forget sh**. #truestory

What to do instead?

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