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Losing sleep is killing us. Literally. I know, that’s depressing, but it gets better.

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People tell me, “Oh, I get great sleep! All I need is my pill, my blanket, my eye shade, my room darkeners . . .” It’s exhausting to me whenever I hear how hard people try to get a great night’s sleep!

Life isn’t fun when you’re sleep-deprived. What is fun? Having energy, crushing your meetings, growing sales, and still feeling sleek, sexy, and charged up for life and love.

Apart from that, the economic cost of working days lost due to lack of sleep is up to $411B a year in the U.S. Ouch! Sleep deprivation doubles the risk of death from cardiovascular disease, which is the number-one cause of death in America according to the CDC.

Again, losing sleep is killing us. Plus, it makes you a miserable, grumpy sadface with lousy production.

That changes with me.

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