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Losing sleep is killing us. Literally. I know, that’s depressing, but it gets better.

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People tell me, “Oh, I get great sleep! All I need is my pill, my blanket, my eye shade, my room darkeners . . .” It’s exhausting to me whenever I hear how hard people try to get a great night’s sleep!

Life isn’t fun when you’re sleep-deprived. What is fun? Having energy, crushing your meetings, growing sales, and still feeling sleek, sexy, and charged up for life and love.

Apart from that, the economic cost of working days lost due to lack of sleep is up to $411B a year in the U.S. Ouch! Sleep deprivation doubles the risk of death from cardiovascular disease, which is the number-one cause of death in America according to the CDC.

Again, losing sleep is killing us. Plus, it makes you a miserable, grumpy sadface with lousy production.

That changes with me.



Selbstsicher und Leicht! Confidence and Ease!

Liebe Frau Hansen,

ich möchte mich, natürlich auch ebenfalls im Namen des gesamten Heimtextil-Teams, nochmal an dieser Stelle herzlich für Ihren tollen Vortrag im Sleep! The Future Forum auf der Heimtextil 2019 bedanken. Sie haben unsere Fachbesucher mit Ihrem Thema“ Ein 360-Grad-Ansatz zum Schlafen“ durch Ihre fachlichen Inhalte, aber auch durch Ihren sehr authentischen Vortragsstil begeistert. Sie überzeugten mit einem selbstsicheren Auftreten und machten es den Zuhörern leicht dem Vortrag inhaltlich zu folgen. Ich werde Sie gerne auch meinen Kollegen als Referenten weiter empfehlen! Bis hoffentlich bald mal wieder!

Dear Mrs Hansen,

I would like to thank you personally, as well as in the name of the complete Heimtextil-Team, for your great talk on sleep at The Future Forum at the Heimtextil fair 2019. You were able to completely delight our expert visitors on your subject "A 360-degree approach on sleep" through your expertise, but also through your authenticity. You were convincing through your confidence and you made it simple for listeners to follow your content with ease. I will make sure to recommend you as a speaker to my colleagues. I hope to meet you again soon.

Lisa Rieger , Veranstaltungsorganisation / Event Organisation Messe Frankfurt

Christine was a guest speaker at one of my conferences - Field Service Medical - and her keynote and Sleep Like a Boss workshop were a big hit and a breath of fresh air! Our delegates absolutely loved the information and workshop materials that Christine prepared for the event. If you are looking for a high-energy and engaging guest speaker, Christine is a great fit for the role!

Antonia Kay , Sr Conference Producer Word Business Research

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