Common Sleep Myths
This blog post was created by our Sleep Coach Jessica Rojas. Let’s look at three main sleep myths to see[...]
Optimise your sleep to 100% with Riley Jarvis
As you know, I don't believe in competition. I honestly think that every coach has their soul clients and that[...]
Does Alcohol Help or Harm Sleep?
This blog post was created by our Sleep Coach Kelly Murray. Let’s have a look at why alcohol not only[...]
100th episode of Sleep Like A Boss
This blog post was created by our Sleep Coach Jessica Rojas. Summertime. We are looking forward to that time of[...]
Heat, summer and sleep
This blog post was created by our Sleep Coach Jessica Rojas.Summertime. We are looking forward to that time of the[...]
Sleep does not need a brain
New research came out this year stating how we don't even need a brain to sleep. This is obviously huge[...]
What to do if you struggle with delayed sleep phase syndrome
This blog post was created by our Sleep Coach Eva Nyhagen. What can you do, if you are struggling with[...]
Top Tips for peaceful sleep
Today we will share with you a very simple strategy that you can employ to get better sleep — and[...]
The positive impacts of sleep on mental health
This blog post was created by our Sleep Coach Annika Carroll. The month of May is Mental Health Awareness Month,[...]
Why does our brain need sleep?
Why do we sleep? This is something I get asked a lot, and the answer is that there are so[...]
How to Use Light to Improve Your Sleep
Today we will share with you a very simple strategy that you can employ to get better sleep — and[...]
Mattress tips for insomniacs
Having a good mattress is crucial for the quality of our sleep and for our overall health, considering that we[...]
How caffeine really affects your sleep
How would you like to keep enjoying your coffee and still have a good night’s sleep? Here are our coffee -[...]
Do sleep supplements work?
Sleep supplements. They seem so seductive, so potent, and the answer to all your questions. Sometimes, this is too good[...]
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: Why it helps with insomnia
Today's topic is cognitive behavioral therapy: Why it helps with insomnia.  The sleep problem that just got worse Some of[...]
The story behind Sleep Like a Boss
Today, I am going to tell you why we at Sleep Like A Boss, really differentiate from general sleep experts[...]
Ideal Bedroom = Better Sleep
Let’s talk about your bedroom. How do you feel when you enter your bedroom? Is your bedroom helping you relax[...]
What does sleep deprivation do to your body?
In today’s day and age, there has been an increasing number of people going to sleep late and getting less[...]
How to prepare yourself for sleep, if you have adult ADD
I was part of the Adult ADD summit hosted by Dr. George Sachs, where we talk about how people with[...]
Why you can't sleep
Today’s blog post is a listing of different topics that are linked to sleep and can be reasons why you[...]
Digital Detox: How it Can Impact Sleep, Relationships, and Well Being
Let’s Delve Into The Pros Of A Tech BreakHow many of us are guilty of looking down at our phones[...]
Gut Health and Sleep
Today we are going to talk about the topic of gut health and what that has to do with your[...]
The truth about how much sleep you actually need
So, how much sleep do you actually need? If you google "How much sleep do I need?", you'll come up[...]
How to deal with massive to do lists that are ruining your sleep
It’s back to school time, and it’s back to business as usual. Well, probably not completely this year, but people[...]
Does heat destroy your sleep?
Today we're going to talk about the heat or how to be cooler.We do love summer; it's warm, it's sunny.[...]
Covid, death and how it messes up your sleep
Today I'm going to be a very blunt Christine, as I pretty much always try to be, and we are[...]
Circadian Rhythm and sleep quality
In today's episode of Sleep Like a Boss my guest is my beautiful team member Eva Nyhagen. Eva lives in[...]
Sleep and mental health
In today’s episode of Sleep Like a Boss, I am talking to my wonderful team member Bailey Guilloud about the[...]
Bedroom environment for sleep
Today I’m talking to my beautiful, smart, and lovely team member Annie Schlecht, and she is going to talk about[...]
A Meditation Special with Sleep coach Kelly Murray
Welcome to the 3rd interview of our new series of Sleep Like A Boss interviews. Today, Christine is talking to Kelly[...]
Top Sleep hacks by Sleep Coach Zoe Chu
Welcome to the 2nd interview of our new series of Sleep Like A Boss interviews. Today, Christine is talking to [...]
4 Sleep tips by Sleep Coach Jessica Rojas
Welcome to this new series of Sleep Like A Boss interviews. Over the next several weeks we will present to[...]
What is your circadian rhythm?
Do you know what your circadian rhythm or your biological clock is?No? I promise this blog post is going to[...]
Stress Resilience and Sleep
Let’s look at stress resilience and sleep today. Stress resilience basically means how speedily you recover, when you are in a[...]
Minerals and Sleep
Today I want to talk about minerals and sleep.Minerals are absolutely key for us to function. They communicate everything. They[...]
Why dreams are important
Dreams. Why are they so important for you in your general life, in your career, with your family, with your[...]
How not sleeping affects your focus
Let's talk about How not sleeping affects your focus.Together with my team, it is our mission to help people who[...]
Why bother with a bedtime routine?
Today I want to talk to you aboutwhy you should bother with a bedtime routine.A lot of people who have[...]
What does an adult sleep coach do?
What does an adult sleep coach do?First off, there are many services and all sleep coaches work differently. I will[...]
5 Reasons why we love sleep
Let’s talk about why you should love your sleep!I will show you 5 reasons why we love sleep, so let's[...]
What is sleep anxiety?
Today I want to talk to you about "what is sleep anxiety" or even somniphobia.It happens to quite a few people[...]
When is it advisable to go to a sleep clinic?
Many of my clients tell me that they've been to a sleep clinic and were told that everything is fine.[...]
Can better sleep lower your stress levels
So, can better sleep lower your stress levels? The very simple answer is: "Oh, yes!" I will show you two ways[...]
How important is your pillow for sleep 2019
Today we're going to talk about how important is your pillow for sleep 2019.The very simple answer is, YES, your[...]
Dreams leaving you more fatigued than before
Today I want to talk about dreams leaving you more fatigued than before.People come up to me and tell me,[...]
Lifestyle and Sleep
​Although here at Sleep like a Boss we go way beyond lifestyle, because we run lab tests by looking at[...]
Can I die, if I don’t sleep enough?
Can sleep kill you? Or better yet, can I die if I don't sleep enough?These are really warranted questions for[...]
Sleep and hallucinations
Sleep has been very often connected to a decrease in mental health, especially if you have a tendency towards a mental[...]
Sleep and heart attacks
Sleep and heart attacks is a topic that has been talked about a lot in the media, and so I[...]
What is sleep hygiene?
For someone like me, who works in the field of sleep, this is a no-brainer question. But when I give[...]
Are sleep trackers safe and accurate?
Today I want to talk about whether sleep trackers are safe and accurate. This is a big topic. There's been[...]
Sleep Apnea – Will it kill me?
Sleep apnea – Might it potentially kill you? What is sleep apnea?Sleep apnea is when your breathing sets out and[...]
Do sleep meds create sleep?
Today I want to talk to you about whether sleep medications create actual sleep. The question is very often "So[...]
Can sleep issues cause weight gain?
Recently I was asked the following questions “Can sleep issues cause weight gain?” and the very simple answer is YES!There[...]
Sleep and memory loss
Here is a quick little story for you. Last weekend I went to TomorrowLand, which is a huge bad-ass electro festival[...]
Sleep memories
​Sleep memories and how sleep memories can really dominate your life and your relationship with sleep, is a topic that[...]
Sleep debt: Can you catch up on sleep?
Today’s topic is all about sleep debt!"Is there a way to catch up on sleep?" That was the question of one[...]
Lost your sleep pattern?
Today I am going to answer a question that was asked on Instagram by Susanne Braam. (You will find me[...]
How to optimize sleep
Today, I will answer a question that I got from Louise, who's a wonderful person I met via LinkedIn. We[...]
Parasites? Inside of me? Ruining my sleep?
One of the things that my clients are very often surprised about, is when I tell them that we are[...]
All about naps
Today I am writing to you from New York City and if you watched my facebook live, you probably noticed[...]
Should I meditate before going to bed?
I am super excited to talk to you about “Should I meditate before going to bed?”. The reason why I[...]
Am I paralyzed when I sleep?
One of my clients recently asked me whether she is paralyzed when she sleeps. As it is a really interesting[...]
Too much cortisol?
Today’s topic is cortisol. Following last week’s blog post, where I talked about Hyprocretin or Orexin, I received an email,[...]
Hyprocretin / Orexin and its effect on sleep
What the effects of Hyprocretin or Orexin on your sleep? I can't wait to share it with you.... so it’s[...]
How to sleep through noise
How do you sleep well in a big or noisy city?! I'm in Munich today, but I was in New[...]
Can GABA help you sleep?
Most of you will have heard about GABA as a supplement that will help you sleep. I'm going to dive[...]
Emotions and Sleep
Recently I discussed how events can keep us awake and today I want to talk about how our emotions and[...]
How the fork does one become a sleep boss and WHY?
Today I want to talk about a question that I'm being asked very often: “How did you get into sleep??” Not[...]
What to do when you have a major event the next day and can’t sleep?
Hello from San Diego, where I am a keynote speaker at the Field Service Medical Conference and where I'll also[...]
Sex and Sleep
Welcome to this very juicy blog post…. Thank you Valentine’s Day, for being just around the corner!Let’s talk about the[...]
Why I am not telling you that not sleeping is bad for you
Today I will tell you why I don't take part in the strategy that most sleep experts take, which is[...]
Should you sleep in over the weekend?
Somebody asked me this question when I commented on an article by Arianna Huffington on chronotypes. Chronotypes means that we[...]
Alarm clock: friend or foe?
Alarm clocks, the dreaded sound in the morning, at least that was the case for me during all of my[...]
Body temperature & Sleep 😴
Happy New Year and welcome to this first blog post in the New Year! Today I'm going to talk about body[...]
Should you make “getting up earlier” a priority in 2019
My last blog post of 2018 I am writing to you from the Manoir de Lébioles, which is a beautiful[...]
Why Inconsistency = Better Sleep
Welcome to this week's lesson on INCONSISTENCY!So, I have been absent for two weeks and guess what, the world is[...]
Want to beat jetlag? There's an app for that – Timeshifter and Montblanc Summit 2 – a review
From November 28th to December 4th 2018, I was traveling from Luxembourg to Denver, CO and then to London, UK.[...]
It's just not working between us
What is your relationship with your sleep?? Let’s talk about it…I love to talk about sleep as if were a[...]
Death and sleep
‘Every night when I go to sleep, I die and when I wake up the next day, I am reborn’ -[...]
Alcohol and sleep
Today’s post comes from Lisbon (Portugal), where I am at the web summit and my topic is alcohol & sleep,[...]
What comedy / philosophy can teach us about sleep
Let’s talk about what sleep is, how it works, and the kind of the stage of sleep there are.We're going[...]
Smoothies and Sleep
Let’s talk about the big S and sleep! (the big S being SMOOTHIES of course!!)What is the relationship between a[...]
How full is your bucket and what does it have to do with your sleep?
How full is your bucket and what does it have to do with your sleep?I am referring to the book[...]
5 basic levels of survival
Welcome to this crash course onhow sleep can help you get your heart's desire.Everyone has a different idea on what[...]
1 way to find your voice and reduce your stress levels
Let's talk about those voices in our heads that are making our life miserable, but that are actually not our[...]
10 unusual Saboteurs keeping you from sleeping
We know about the typical ones, blue light, don't look at your screen and so forth...Today I want to do[...]
For me it's only a matter of lifestyle; But he lost his job because of this
"For me it's only a matter of lifestyle. But he lost his job because of this"  Let's have some real[...]
How to extend your lifespan by doing this 1 thing
If you're here on this earth, I bet you want to be here for as long as you can; either to[...]
Am I getting enough sleep?
Today's question is 'Do I get enough sleep and how do I know?' I will tell you exactly how you[...]
Leadership and Sleep
Hi everyone and welcome to this episode on leadership and sleep. My name is Christine Hansen and I'm your sleep[...]
Sleep and caffeine
Today I'm going to teach you everything you need to know about why we fall asleep, about sleep pressure and[...]
Top tips for Jet lag
The following post was created from the air space lounge at San Diego Airport, where I was just about to[...]
Candida: What is it? What does it have to do with my sleep and how do I get rid of it?
With Candida: What is it? we are going to look at Candida. What is it? What does it have to do[...]
Let’s talk supplements and sleep
I work a lot with supplements because I work with nutrition, but also sometimes really targeted to my clients when[...]
What does sleep have to do with weight gain?
Hey everyone and welcome to today's topic on sleep, which is sleep and weight gain.A couple of weeks ago I[...]
SPECIAL Edition: Christine on the Fit Chicks blog
Brianne:   Hello everyone and welcome to a fabulous expert interview today with my friend, whom I met at a training, an[...]
Sleep Ice Cream
This blog post is different from my regular one as it is a recipe and how-to tutorial.So without further ado[...]
Help! My thought keep me from sleeping
So what to do when you have this one thought that is popping up at night just before you want[...]
SPECIAL Edition: Christine on Femfusion Youtube
Brianne:   Hello everyone and welcome to a fabulous expert interview today with my friend, whom I met at a training, an[...]
5 Reasons why your efforts to get your sleep back have been a waste of time, nerves and money
“What are The 5 elements of the sleep like a boss process?” Today I want to talk about why you will never[...]
SPECIAL Edition: Christine on the Nutrition Expert Podcast
Mathea Ford: So, how do you know as a person, individual since you’re a sleep expert. We all sleep, right?[...]
4 Wisdom Nuggets about the perfect amount of sleep
“Is there a perfect amount of sleep?” Today I'm going to answer a question that I'm asked over and over[...]
SPECIAL Edition: Christine on the MindLove Podcast
Today we’re talking about sleep. It’s a topic that’s been requested a few times and apparently it’s a HUGE problem.50-70[...]
5 Reasons why Sleep is important
“Is it really that important whether we sleep and why?”  Today we'll learn about the importance of sleep. It's a[...]
What emergency surgery at 2am taught me…
In this post I am sharing my recent experience of having emergenc surgery and how I dealt with the tons[...]
Lyme Disease and Sleep
Lyme Disease and SleepThis is an exceptional interview with Darin Ingels, ND author of “The Lyme Solutions: A 5-Part Plan[...]
Why you can't stay asleep at night
Waking up in the middle of the night and struggling to fall back asleep? ​Waking up in the middle of[...]
Minerals and sleep
Sleep and your diet: Do minerals matter?Sleeping long enough and deep enough is a necessity (not a luxury) to your[...]
Parasites and Sleep
Parasites And Sleep"80% of my clients have parasites, and getting rid of them is crucial for sleep" - Christine Hansen[...]
DNA and Sleep
World DNA day: Can DNA affect your sleep?Are you a light sleeper or a heavy sleeper? Do you know someone[...]
The Best Sleeping Position
What Is Your Sleeping Position And How Does It Affect Your Health "You're not healthy, unless your sleep is healthy."- Dr.[...]
Breath and Sleep
Sleepless Nights? 5 Breathing Exercises for a Soothing NapOrDeep Breathing Exercises to Stop Over-Thinking in the Middle of the NightA[...]
General Health and Sleep
7 Benefits Of Good Sleep To Your Health“Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.”- Thomas[...]
Bacterial Dysbiosis and Sleep
Is Bacterial Dysbiosis Robbing You Of Your Sleep? Bacterial dysbiosis is in simple terms when your gut flora and microbiome[...]
Can Sleep Make You Happy?
Sleep and Happiness, what is the connection?A new survey of over 8,000 Britons has found that sleep has the strongest[...]
Food Intolerances and Sleep
Why food intolerances might be messing up your sleep Ok heads up: If nobody, who wanted to help you with[...]
Endometriosis and Sleep
Endometriosis and it's effect on your sleepGirls and women who suffer from this chronic illness know how exhausting endometriosis is[...]
The Thyroid And Sleep Connection
Can’t sleep? Your thyroid might be the culprit.  I’m a sleep expert, sure. But would it surprise you to learn[...]
Pets and Sleep
When you are having sleep issues, should you be looking at your pets and sleep situation?Read on!Pets and sleep is[...]
Let's talk erotic dreams
Erotic Dreams: The Differences between men & women and what it says about us4 Differences Between Men and Women when[...]
Can there be too much sleep?
What Is Too Much Sleep and Is It Harmful To You?“Even where sleep is concerned, too much is a bad[...]
The Gut Sleep Connection
Bacterial Dysbiosis and sleep We all understand the health benefits of a refreshing night’s sleep. However, some 35 percent of[...]
Top 5 Reasons Why Emotional Stress is Affecting Your Sleep (How To Deal With It)
Another night, and once again - you cannot fall asleep. It’s 3 a.m. and the clock is ticking relentlessly. You can[...]
How age affects your sleep
So you think that because you’ve entered your twilight years, sleep isn’t all that important? Well think again! Research has[...]
Is your mattress your sleep saboteur?
The average person will sleep for 229,961 hours in their lifetime, this equates to a third of their life. They[...]
Why sleep is not a luxury
Most people don’t realize this, but sleep is just as important as eating, drinking and getting exercise. Not enough of[...]


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